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Alpha Xi Delta is SO excited to welcome you to our sisterhood. We can't wait for you to meet older members, get your big sister, have your first officer position... There are so many amazing memories to come! Because most everything AXiD is new to you, here are a few tips and tricks for making the most of your first quarter as part of the chapter. 


- Your Rose Bud is your guide! They are here to help you learn the ropes, answer any questions you may have, and hang out whenever you want a buddy.

- Take as many opportunities as possible to meet or spend time with your sisters.

- Bond with your pledge class, but also with older members and seniors! You can learn so much from them and listen to fun stories about their time in the chapter. Seniors are graduating soon (we will miss them!) so take advantage of your time with them and make friends.

- Make plenty of time in your schedule to study! Super important.

- Not sure what to major in? Take advantage of the list of members and majors and reach out to those in fields you are interested in studying. Also reach out to someone about a major you don't know much about--you could have never heard of a major that is perfect for you.

- Get involved! Ask about officer positions and figure out which is the most up your alley, then apply at the end of fall quarter. There are smaller responsibilities, bigger responsibilities, and a large range of types. Members say holding an officer position teaches you so much, and that seeing the difference you can make in the chapter is super rewarding.

- Maybe you miss home and want to visit most weekends. But try staying at school! You won't regret this extra quality time watching movies, grabbing dinner, or finding something else fun to do with your sisters.

- Get so excited!!! The best four years of your life are awaiting you, with so many milestones to experience, best friends to meet, and AXiD traditions to learn and uphold.


Again, we are so excited to welcome you as a new member of Alpha Xi Delta! Older members are always here to answer other questions you may have and offer advice for your time in the chapter and your time at the University of Washington.

TJF and go dawgs!